Tehachapi and Surrounding Communities


Tehachapi is a place of austere beauty, rich with history. Its name is rooted in Native American folklore, possibly meaning "sweet-water and acorns" or "windy place". A settlement called Tehichipa would later be named Tehachapi in its present location when the Southern Pacific railroad built their route through the area in 1876. The original downtown SP Railroad depot is listed in the National Register of Historical Places.    Rising from the southern end of the Central Valley, the Tehachapi mountains are a traverse range connecting the Coast Range with the Sierra Nevada mountains. With an elevation between 3,969 and 7,981 feet, Tehachapi is a mountain community in the truest sense of the word. Traditionally called the land of four seasons, summer days are warm with refreshing night temperatures. Autumn brings brilliant hues of color to the landscape. Periodic winter snow transforms the mountains and valleys into a pristine land of wonder. Spring brings with it a myriad of wildflowers, and of course, Tehachapis famous blooming lilac.    Tehachapi embraces many different lifestyles. It is a horse friendly place for equestrians with miles of dedicated trails. The golfing enthusiast will not be disappointed. There are lakes for fishing and boating, a glider-port and airport. Tehachapi supports the arts with a community theatre and orchestra. These are but a few of the many amenities to boast. Nearby attractions include: the Sequoia National Forest, Pacific Crest Trail, Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park and the Tehachapi Loop. Come for a visit and be enchanted!    Author - LeAnn Dahle

City of Tehachapi

Golden Hills and Oak Knolls

Golden Hills - A splendid view is easy to find from many of the 3,400 parcels in Golden Hills.  Ranging in size from 1/4 acre to 1 plus acres, services are provided by the Golden Hills Community Services District.  Located approximately 2 miles from the City of Tehachapi, Golden Hills began development in the 1960's.  Horses are allowed depending on zoning and parcel size.  Wonderful terrain for riding and hiking can be found on both the East and West side of Golden Hills. Meadowbrook park located at Westwood Blvd and Red Apple that provides baseball fields, a "dog park" and new bike and walking trails.  The Golden Hills Community Services District is dedicated to the community it serves.  In addition to providing nearly 9,000 Golden Hills residents with clean, drinkable water, the five-member, elected board of directors seek to enhance the quality of life by providing services above and beyond.

Oak Knolls - With rolling hills and scenic vistas this is a popular area for folks who desire a little more rural atmosphere.  Beautiful views and rolling hills abound.  Most lots in Oak Knolls are 1 to 6 acres in size and are located on both paved and unpaved roads.  Oak Knolls is situated North of Golden Hills and therefore is relatively close to schools and shopping.

Golden Hills CSD  https://ghcsd.com/

Bear Valley Springs

Bear Valley Springs is nestled at the base of the Sierra Mountains.  Nearly 27,000 acres in size, this mountain-ringed community of less than 3,500 residential lots encompasses a broad grassland valley, upland meadow and hills studded with majestic oaks.  Bear Valley Springs Association is a California non-profit corporation managed by a board of directors elected by the members.  Lot owners are members and pay and an annual assessment to the association. The association leases, operates and regulates the use of the Equestrian Center, Recreation Center, Community Center, Golf Course, park areas and other amenities.  The association has adopted and may from time to time amend rules and regulations governing the use of the recreational facilities leased from the district.  The Covenants and Restrictions are the governing documents and are also enforced by the association. The Environmental Control Committee consist of three members appointed by the BVSA Board to control the environment of Bear Valley Springs, including floor plans, exterior material and colors, location of improvements, drainage, sewage facilities and landscaping.   A master-planned, gated community, with a population of about 7,500 residents, Bear Valley Springs offers an abundance of leisure-time facilities.  Bear Valley Springs' Elevation ranges from 4,118 feet to 6,934 feet (Bear Mountain).

Bear Valley Springs Assoc  https://www.bvsa.org/

Stallion Springs and Alpine Forest

Stallion Springs is a Resort Community of nearly 4,000 residents spread out over 20,000 acres. Surrounded by the greenery of thousands of majestic oak trees, Stallion Springs is breathtakingly beautiful.  Due to the altitude and location, the climate is mild and smog free.  Snows are infrequent and short-lived with sunny days being the norm.  Stallion Springs is a one-of-a-kind development designed for those seeking an affordable and beautiful home-site, an active lifestyle and close-in convenience. Stallion Springs is operated by a Community Service District (CSD).  Stallion Springs' Elevation ranges from 4,000 feet to 5,800 feet.  A new community multipurpose building and swimming pool has been completed for the residents in this area.

Alpine Forest, 5,000 acres in the Tehachapi Mountains, is located about 10 miles West and South of Tehachapi.  The approximately 1,100 lots are on elevations from 4,600 feet to 6,600 feet, in five tracts up to 20 acres in size. Tract 3423 has water provided by the Alpine Forest Park Mutual Water Company.  The other four Tracts require wells on the property owners’ lots. There are approximately 30 miles of semi-private roads in Alpine Forest, which are maintained by the Alpine Forest Park Property Owners Association, which was established as a non-profit corporation in 1970.

Stallion Springs CSD  https://www.stallionspringscsd.com/